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The Delcom network maintains one of the region’s most unique, scalable, and low-latency networks. These features enable it to serve its corporate customers with high-quality and cost effective solutions.

Connectivity has become an essential element for progress. Our interconnected fiber optic network provides the speed, reliability, and security you need to connect to the cloud and critical online services.

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Our Approach

Why we do it:

We trust that societies can create progress with access to the right tools. We work to provide those tools.

How we do it:

We create connectivity solutions and work daily to develop robust, reliable, and secure digital infrastructure.

What we do:

We bring innovative, simple, and efficient connectivity solutions to the market.

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Connectivity solutions for industry from Delcom


Connect your network to multiple cloud providers or regions of the same cloud using a predetermined bandwidth shared between the various connections.

Enterprise Connectivity

Delcom provides comprehensive connectivity solutions to help companies take their operations to the next level.

Our interconnected fiber network spans nationwide and offers a consistent, scalable, and user-friendly experience.

Connect your company’s voice using the SIP standard to communicate through IP-Voip to get dynamic, transparent communications from any device with internet access.

For 20 years, we have provided top-tier services, offering expedited installation, maintenance, and support for an efficient, low-latency network.

Private Network

Communicate your business’s essential data without using the public internet. Our solution offers flexible bandwidth options that allow you to quickly scale up to meet changing business requirements.



Be able to satisfy a competitive market with reliable, secure, and efficient connections between locations.

Multi-cloud Connect

Blazing fast connection to all your cloud services

Connect your network to multiple cloud providers or different regions of the same cloud, using a predetermined bandwidth that is shared between the different connections.



Use the power of data in all channels of purchase and stock disposition through digital platforms.

Dedicated Internet Access

Fast and reliable internet connectivity

Delcom Network Dedicated Internet Access provides the speed and reliability your business needs to achieve its digital transformation, always with the flexibility to grow as your needs change.

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Delcom Broadband

Wi-Fi service provided by a Delcom or Dell Telephone-provided modem may vary. Delcom and Dell Telephone do not guarantee upload or download speed. Speeds provided via Wi-Fi are based on speeds available in real-world conditions. Once a device is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, the performance experienced and the available speed may vary based on any number of factors, including maximum bandwidth allocated for Wi-Fi services, interference from other equipment or devices in the home, number of users attempting to use or using the Wi-Fi at the same time, costumer’s computer or wireless devices, quantity of content being downloaded or uploaded. Wi-Fi receiving antenna, and the distance between the device and modem. Connecting several wireless devices to a network at once can reduce available bandwidth, and impact speed, for each individual device. Reducing the number of devices connected to a network wirelessly may improve performance.

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