Online Bill Payment

The automated online bill payment system is secured and operated by CDS Global for Dell Telephone customers. You may view and pay your bill using electronic check or with a credit card. The info you submit on this site is secure and will be kept confidential. All communications between you and CDS Global are also encrypted using Secure Sockets technology. Strong security procedures are also maintained and monitored in our processing center. We safeguard any personal information you may supply and do not share it.

New User Instructions

Please register to access bill pay system.

Your service account number is 10 digits long (please add the leading zeros to your existing account number / for example: 0000098989).

For Dell Telephone customers, the security code is 396____ (and the last 4 digits of your telephone number).

Please contact the Dell Telephone business office at (915) 964-2352 if you have any questions. You can also use our contact form to send a secure message.


Delcom Broadband

Wi-Fi service provided by a Delcom or Dell Telephone-provided modem may vary. Delcom and Dell Telephone do not guarantee upload or download speed. Speeds provided via Wi-Fi are based on speeds available in real-world conditions. Once a device is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, the performance experienced and the available speed may vary based on any number of factors, including maximum bandwidth allocated for Wi-Fi services, interference from other equipment or devices in the home, number of users attempting to use or using the Wi-Fi at the same time, costumer’s computer or wireless devices, quantity of content being downloaded or uploaded. Wi-Fi receiving antenna, and the distance between the device and modem. Connecting several wireless devices to a network at once can reduce available bandwidth, and impact speed, for each individual device. Reducing the number of devices connected to a network wirelessly may improve performance.

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