December 2023 Newsletter

The latest from Delcom Broadband and DTC email server retirement in January 2024 Dell Telephone Annual Membership Business Meeting: March 23, 2024 Looking back on 2023 at Dell Telephone Cooperative Click to ...

October 2023 Newsletter

The latest from Delcom Broadband and DTC What is a cooperative? Ask about the Affordable Connectivity Program New telephone directories Much...


Delcom Broadband

Wi-Fi service provided by a Delcom or Dell Telephone-provided modem may vary. Delcom and Dell Telephone do not guarantee upload or download speed. Speeds provided via Wi-Fi are based on speeds available in real-world conditions. Once a device is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, the performance experienced and the available speed may vary based on any number of factors, including maximum bandwidth allocated for Wi-Fi services, interference from other equipment or devices in the home, number of users attempting to use or using the Wi-Fi at the same time, costumer’s computer or wireless devices, quantity of content being downloaded or uploaded. Wi-Fi receiving antenna, and the distance between the device and modem. Connecting several wireless devices to a network at once can reduce available bandwidth, and impact speed, for each individual device. Reducing the number of devices connected to a network wirelessly may improve performance.

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